Specializing in the Leasing of Commercial and Creative Use Properties Across the Downtown Los Angeles Area

Looking for something with specific requirements? Want to have an agent dedicate time solely to identifying good potential options for you? You should be a SPACEFINDER client!! We help many of our clients on a more focused level, in order to ensure that they find the place they are looking for.


Live / Work Spaces

Loft-style apartments and condos in restored industrial buildings now dot the landscape, but the Arts District is still home to a major rail yard, cold storage, warehouses, food processing, furniture and fashion design/manufacturing, personal storage, government facilities and film locations. It is also home to thousands of resident artists in live/work spaces that support creative entrepreneurial businesses and non-profits.

Downtown Life

The Arts District, previously known as the Warehouse District and soon to be renamed Industrial Arts District, occupies the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles. Its borders are roughly Alameda Street on the west, the 101 freeway on the north, the LA River to the east, and 7th Street to the south. The area is sometimes referred to as the “Artist” or “Artists District” on official City of Los Angeles signs.

Recent gentrification has swelled the population, bringing new residents, many of whom are young professionals, to the area. They reside alongside the veteran resident artists and still-functioning industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Urban Spaces

Urban Spaces has worked with and found the perfect space for thousands of clients. We have also built custom spaces and helped create a dreamspace for 1000’s of artists and entrepreneurs including but not limited to musicians, entertainment industry pros, painters, sculptors, draftsmen, sketch artists, mixed-media artists, textile artists, illustrators, photographers, digital artists, printmakers, glass workers, makers of fine jewelry, and far too many artisans and craftspeople to list.